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It is hard to believe that it was 10 years ago that I started with my current employer. 10 years in the same job is a lifetime in the current “stay in a job for a year or two and move on” culture; particularly in the tech market. What can I say? I love my job. I love the “fireman” aspect of it; the sense of being under the gun that I experience on a nightly basis:

“Hey Alex, there’s 20 seconds on the clock and you’ve got a down server running some application you’ve never even heard of….what are you gonna do?”

*cracks knuckles*

One of the things that makes me love my job so much is the huge variety of things I have to deal with. No day is ever the same. Ever. Personalities, issues, new trends and a whole gamut of other things- they all change from day to day. I thought that an interesting way to celebrate my 10 year anniversary would be to create a list of things I’ve “learned” in that time that don’t change.

To start, I am going to look at the things that you, the person dealing with your systems administrator, should know and/or keep in mind:


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