My name is Alex and I’ve been working a unix systems administrator in some form or capacity for almost 23 years. The last 13 of those years have been with the same employer. Who is that employer? I’m sure if you did enough digging, you’d probably figure it out. I’ve always maintained a small bit of distance between my online life and them, not because they’ve told me to, but because I know I can sometimes be quite passionately opinionated on some subjects and I’d rather not subject them to the whole “OMG YOUR EMPLOYEE SAID THIS!!!” factor.

Suffice it to say, I’ve been doing this gig for a long time. During that time, I’ve googled more answers on tech blogs than I can count. I figured it was only fair for me to start sharing the wealth and to document the things I’ve resolved/found so that someone else could potentially find them easier than I did.

And that’s about what you can expect from this “blog”. Technical data and updates. A sort of “blog” version of sticky notes about things I discover in my work.

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  1. vbierschwale says:

    Chipped in $13 bucks for your bike ride because I’ve been there myself and a hand up always helps.


    Virgil Bierschwale

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